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By kriston on 25/10/2012 14:20
I need to apologise in advance!

For the coming month the members of the Kriston team will be carrying more hair than usual and I don’t think it’ll be pretty to see! The reason for my apology, it’s my fault, last year I tried to grow a Moustache for “Movember”, not particularly spectacular, in fact many of you might have been forgiven for not even noticing. Anyway, this year the other members of Kriston have decided that they need to show me what a proper moustache should look like, at this point I think a huge thank-you to our partners, and importantly to our clients who I know are going to be very supportive and will help us to raise funds for this very worthwhile men’s health charity.


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Thank you for your support - Chris

By kriston on 05/10/2012 13:25
If you think back 12 to 36 months, there was an irritating series of popups which probably infected over 1% of users computers, suggesting that if your computer is running slower than expected, you’re probably infected with a virus (s) , “Download Win^%$”^%”$” for free etc. etc. Invariably the user was charged, frequently between $40 and $60 to fix the problem.

Several of these organisations have now been caught and fined, the most notable this last week run by an individual called Kristy Ross has been fined $163 million (£101m). Not as I’m sure you’ll agree an insignificant amount.

Will this be the end of individuals or companies, setting up rogue sites, piggy-backing on unprotected mail. All in an effort to steal details or obtain money under false pretences, the answer is a resounding NO.

Be aware and be careful where and what you access on the web, be careful with email, if it doesn’t look quite right – don’t open it, delete it, ultimately if you’re not sure call your IT help desk. Personally...

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