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By kriston on 05/10/2012 13:25
If you think back 12 to 36 months, there was an irritating series of popups which probably infected over 1% of users computers, suggesting that if your computer is running slower than expected, you’re probably infected with a virus (s) , “Download Win^%$”^%”$” for free etc. etc. Invariably the user was charged, frequently between $40 and $60 to fix the problem.

Several of these organisations have now been caught and fined, the most notable this last week run by an individual called Kristy Ross has been fined $163 million (£101m). Not as I’m sure you’ll agree an insignificant amount.

Will this be the end of individuals or companies, setting up rogue sites, piggy-backing on unprotected mail. All in an effort to steal details or obtain money under false pretences, the answer is a resounding NO.

Be aware and be careful where and what you access on the web, be careful with email, if it doesn’t look quite right – don’t open it, delete it, ultimately if you’re not sure call your IT help desk. Personally...

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