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Heartbleed security issue

Apr 10

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10/04/2014 09:18  RssIcon

This issue affects “secure” sites, where the padlock symbol is displayed (normally but not always in the top right hand corner), our recommendation is not to use these sites for a few days until the companies managing these sites notify or display that they have addressed this vulnerability.

If at all possible, do not use Credit Cards or Bank cards on line (until you’re sure that the site is no longer vulnerable), if you have these details stored on any sites we would suggest changing the password (only when they are patched) for these sites or removing any financial information held there.

All organisations are working to block this vulnerability but some of the smaller sites may take a few days longer to address this. 

Early next week when you know the site has been secured, we would strongly recommend changing all passwords that relate to any sites where you store or use Credit or Bank cards, do not use the same password across multiple sites, do not use obvious words, names, car registration details etc, if possible 10 characters and a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and characters.

Internally we are working to ensure that any vulnerability involving our clients is addressed, this work will be completed this afternoon.

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