Kriston Technology is a successful and ambitious IT solutions specialist. Established in 1998, we have grown steadily by offering classic business products combined with exceptional support and service.
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"...Their response is always prompt and constructive. We feel they have taken the time to understand the constraints of our working environment and offer creative and affordable solutions to our problems..."

Gill Tishler, Director
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We take data backup very seriously, it is seen as the most important area of IT services provided to our clients, this can be undertaken in a number of different ways, to Disk, to Tape, Office to Office or online.

This is not simply a service for Servers, we also provide backup options for critical PC’s and importantly for Laptops which are frequently out of the office.

Secure backup is a major problem for most organisations, how much time would it take to re-create the critical data on your Server? Would your Company survive the process? Business’s frequently forget to check the validity of their backup solution, questions to ask include: When was your back-up device or media checked? When did you last check which files and folders where included and when did you last run a restore from a previous back-up?

Part of our service includes, ensuring that you are using the best backup solution which fits your circumstances or if you haven't got any backup devices we can supply and fit cost effective and tailor made backing up solutions to suit your needs, ranging from basic dvd-rewriters to high capacity tapes or external hard drives with fully automated scheduled backing up software.

Backups can be as simple as a single folder on a Laptop or a PC, which is either backed up within the company or via the Cloud to secure servers at our site, alternatively it could be the whole machine as an image, which in the event of a disaster can be restored in full to alternative hardware if required.

Server backups can either be scheduled to run daily or depending on the scale of changes hourly or even more frequently, they can be run locally to secure locations within a client’s organisation, to tape (which can be stored off-site) or even via the Cloud (depends on the amount of data changes and speed of the clients internet connection)

Deciding which type of backup best fits your requirements can be part of a discussion regarding  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Kriston has worked with a number of clients, from 5 to 100 employees helping put in place a full Disaster Recovery solution. 



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